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Tourism Trader is a hotel marketplace for accommodation properties offering a broad outlook on the tourism asset market, including hotels for sale, historical hotel transactions, market research reports, investment news and broker profiles.

The founder and CEO of Tourism Trader, Craig Collins, discovered during his 25 year Hotel Broking career that a lack of online interactivity inhibited the capability of brokers to connect with buyers, and prevented interested parties from viewing potential investment opportunities. While Mr Collins and his team sold billions of dollars of accommodation real-estate in the Asia Pacific region, he felt an expansive online platform was crucial to properly link hotel brokers and investors. Upon his retirement from the position of CEO of JLL Hotels and Hospitality Australasia, Mr Collins decided to develop a solution.

Tourism Trader builds upon strong connections with many major hotel agencies around the Asia Pacific region, and has links with numerous high net-worth investors and companies who maintain substantial holdings of tourism assets in the area. This base enables Tourism Trader to stand out as an online platform for both agencies and investors alike.

Tourism Trader is initially focused on assets in the Asia Pacific, and has plans to expand into the UK, Europe and the Americas.

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